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Objective Biomechanics: Neck pain, scapular & glenohumeral mechanics

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5.0 (5 reviews)

Objective Biomechanics: Scapular & glenohumeral mechanics is an in-depth and practical module which teaches the participant how to identify and correct scapular dyskinesis as well as glenohumeral dysfunction. Scapular dysfunction greatly affects the neck as well as the shoulders, and is therefore extremely important to consider when treating neck pain disorders.

This is the second part of my education line.

Learn about, and learn how to identify and treat (some of these elements are covered more in depth in the later classes):

  • Cervical pain & disc herniations
  • Cervical facet joints
  • Scapular dyskinesis and its genesis
  • What the [biomechanical] evidence says
  • Subacromial impingement
  • Coracoid impingement
  • Rotator cuff dysfunction
  • Costoclavicular space syndrome
  • Proper scapular mechanics in vertical and horizontal push-/pull patterns

Please read the full description in the informational box below. Also, make sure to read the “Terms and conditions” page as you book your attendance.



Scapular dyskinesis has become a ‘black sheep’ of therapeutic intervention. The cause for this is probably that scapular dyskinesis is quite subjective, complex to assess, and even harder to treat. Many, including myself, has found that common exercises targeting the serratus anterior and lower trapezius (i.e ‘cookie cutter’ programs), rarely will yield fruitful results when dealing with these issues. Furthermore, the relatively few specialists that do understand scapular mechanics well, often have poor understanding of exercise, and is thus often not able to help resolving exercise induced pain.

This module will provide a practical, in depth approach to identifying and permanently resolving scapular dyskinesis, by addressing the motor dysfunction rather than the secondary dysfunctions, which are the muscles. Muscular imbalances relating to scapular dyskinesis are almost always secondary to motor and/or habitual impairment. Thus, the latter will need to be addressed first, and then either later or simultaneously, the muscles. It will also teach you to properly assess and rehabilitate the glenohumeral joint, which is quite simple once you’ve understood scapular mechanics, and virtually impossible if you don’t understand scapular mechanics.

We will go through scapular mechanics and ostekinematic angles in most common push and pull patterns, so that you will also be able to use these skills with athletes.

Scapular dyskinesis is also associated with both neck pain, thoracic outlet syndrome and costoclavicular space syndrome. Thus, working knowledge with regards to identification and treatment of scapular dyskinesis will be paramount. That is also why this module is obligatory before venturing forth to my nerve entrapment and upper cervical dysfunction modules.

The knowledge you learn in this class will be very practical, and you’ll be able to use it immediately after class. You will greatly improve your success-rate, both short and long term, when dealing with shoulder and neck pain syndromes.

Before you take this class, I recommend rehearsing the main scapular movements. You can review them here – This article also contains a great deal of scientific evidence regarding scapular dysfunction.:

5 reviews for Objective Biomechanics: Neck pain, scapular & glenohumeral mechanics

  1. Snjezana Lozic

    Brilliant material! These courses will skyrocket your practice wheter you are the beginner or an advanced trainer, body worker, physical therapist (or even a doctor)!

  2. Matija Rajnovic

    Interesting and extraordinary course. Helpful and with lots of scientific evidence. Course is ideal combination of theory, practice, fun, and the most important thing- it works!

  3. Mladen Bozic

    Brilliant course worth every penny!!
    I’m very demanding and questioning everything. Kjetil was gr8 teacher and everything he explained has the reason and it works. The most complicated things has simple solutions and he showed us that solution’s.
    GG Kjetil!

  4. Fredrik Johannesen (verified owner)

    Excellent module that breaks down the complicated scapular movements into easily understandable segments. Highly theoretical material is combined with hands-on sessions, enabling the participant to immediately solve shoulder and neck issues where traditional approaches have failed in the past.

  5. Snjezana Lozic

    I just have to write a review again after few months of using materials presented in both courses. Those stuff are true gems. Don’t miss these classes guys! These are materials you are going to use the most in your practice of all the courses ever taken. It covers almost everything people have problems with (at least coming and visiting me). It is complicated to implement everything at once and requires sitting down, watching videos and study again and again of materials presented. But it is really worth it and Kjetil is always willing to help. Thank you very much!

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