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Objective Biomechanics: Lumbopelvic complex, hips and knees

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Objective Biomechanics: Lumbopelvic complex, hips and knees is the first and essential class in my education line. All of the other classes base their principles on the structural keys that you will learn in this seminar.

Learn about, & learn how to identify and treat (some of these elements are covered more in depth in the later classes):

  • Why structural work has become so controversial
  • The true underlying cause of common low back pain
  • The main cause of spinomuscular atrophy
  • Lost spinal curvature
  • Sacroiliac joint torsion
  • Anterior / posterior hip impingement
  • Anterior femoroacetabular glide syndrome
  • Hip bursitis
  • Jumper’s knee, runner’s knee, patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Meniscus injuries
  • Functional knee varus / valgus angles
  • Pain-free squatting and deadlifting

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Objective Biomechanics is an education line that focuses on the utilization of principles rather than modalities. Principles are universal, whereas modalities are not. Thus, learning the principles of an optimal structure will allow the practitioner to visualize the body and pinpoint dysfunction in a highly efficient, as well as result-producing manner, in a vast array of situations.

These principles will correct some of the profound causes of pain that we commonly see in the general population clients. Why do muscles get weak? Why do disc injuries occur? Etc. It is, however, an approach that requires a greater degree of effort from the client, as their habitual pattern must be changed. The results from doing so, however, can and will often lead to dramatic improvement; even when dealing with long-standing pain syndromes. Because this module applies structural principles, it will also allow you to assess and treat your own problems.

Because the taught principles can be implemented into virtually all situations, it will allow the practitioner to also evaluate movement patterns and identify dysfunction in scenarios that may priorly have been difficult due to lacking expertise in the given sport, hobby, or similar.

After each class, you will be able to immediately use the material you have learned. There will be plenty of practice in the classes. You will easily regain your investment, plus more, by utilizing these principles in your clinical practice.

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Zagreb, January 19-20th, 2019, Oslo, February 15-16th, 2019


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