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Vestibular Impairment And Its Association To The Neck And TMJ

Vestibular impairment and its association to the neck and TMJ

Vestibular disorders are quite common, and largely considered idiopathic. It was estimated that up to 35%…

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The Association Between Tinnitus, The Neck And TMJ

The association between tinnitus, the neck and TMJ

Tinnitus is a common hearing disorder that affects up to 80% of the population at…

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The Multifactorial Causes And Solutions To Chronic Neck Pain

The multifactorial causes and solutions to chronic neck pain

Neck pain is very common, and affects up to 86% of the population, according to…

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Atlas Joint Instability: Causes, Consequences And Solutions

Atlas joint instability: Causes, consequences and solutions

This article will explain in depth how to measure and correct the atlas joints, both…

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Resolve Migraine Headaches By Addressing The Atlas And Thoracic Outlet

Resolve migraine headaches by addressing the atlas and thoracic outlet

Migraine headaches affect up to 15% of the population, affecting women approximately 18% and men…

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How To Properly & Permanently Resolve Scapular Dyskinesis

How to properly & permanently resolve scapular dyskinesis

Shoulder pain is very common, and there are lots of studies pointing to dysfunctional scapular movement…

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