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Kjetil Larsen (31), Corrective exercise specialist

From the time of childhood I have always been intrigued by how and why things work, especially with regards to electromechanics. Naturally, my education was directed in the same path; automated industry. I got a degree in automatics, and worked with this for several years.

In addition to work, strength training became a great interest and part of my life. But several years of high loads often result in wear and tear, and my body was not an exception. Sadly, conventional treatment did not show to be effective for my painful shoulders, lower back nor knees – the injuries persisted, and devastated my training schedule. The coherent frustration led to many late nights of reading and studying. It became clearer and clearer that electromechanics and biomechanics maybe weren’t as different as many claimed it to be after all, because my chronic pains all turned out to have concrete mechanical causes. With specific rehabilitative protocols the pain subsided, and never returned.

After helping friends and family on a hobby-basis for a couple of years, it became clear that this, meaning rehabilitation through specific training, was something I wanted to spend both my free- and work time doing. This in turn led to taking a formal trainer education as well as several other courses and certifications. ‘Trening og rehab’ was formed!

Today, almost three years later, my work has evolved to the where I almost exclusively work with chronic pain. In this regard it is a great joy for me declare that most of my clients, being 90+% that adequately follow up their part, end up with great, lasting results, and resolution of minimum 1 of their issues.

In December ’17 I launched my own seminar series, ‘Objective Biomechanics’, and I am now working on educating both health personell, massage therapists and trainers in my methods.



  • DST: Certified personal trainer
  • NeuroKinetic Therapy level 1
  • NeuroKinetic Therapy level 2
  • NeuroKinetic Therapy level 3
  • Anatomy in Motion
  • IMS Dry needling part 1, basic
  • IMS Dry needling part 2, advanced
  • Prof. Ann Cools: Advanced shoulder rehabilitation
  • Mike Reinold: Recent advances in evidence-based evaluation and treatment of the shoulder
  • Bodymaster method: Spinal manipulation & mobilization technique masterclass
  • Bodymaster method: Muscle energy techniques
  • Rocktape Basic
  • Rocktape Performance
  • FES: Complete Knee & Ankle-Foot Conditioning 2.0
  • EBFA: Biomechanics of lower back pain
  • EBFA: The functional foot and ankle level 1
  • ABCvascular: Carotid and vertebral artery ultrasound
  • ABCvascular: Basic ultrasound principles

Kjetil also has a degree in electromechanics.


  • Specific pain & injury-related rehabilitation
  • Intricate postural- and movement analysis
  • Diagnostic ultrasound
  • Distinctive concepts of anatomy and biomechanics
  • Strength technique specialist
  • Intricate evaluation of muscles and nerves
  • Muscle release techniques