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Identify the underlying cause of your painful problem

TOR is changing its name to MSK Neurology. Website building is in process and the transition will happen gradually over the next month or so.

About Training & rehabilitation

Training & rehabilitation offers specific individualized examination and rehabilitation for most musculoskeletal disorders as well as related sequelae. Due to thorough investigation and testing, we will identify the underlying cause of the issue, and prescribe highly specific corrective strategies to ameliorate the problem. We are also deeply interested in progressive research and have written and published several medical studies. Our methods are taught to professional therapists and other health personell both nationally as well as internationally.

Structural analysis

A good body posture is extremely important, but unfortunately also quite misunderstood.1,2 Evidence based principles are used in order to optimize function and loading of muscles, tendons and joints. Some examples include measurements and corrections for lumbar curvatures or degree of rotation in the hip joints.

Movement analysis

Although plain body posture is important, certain problems arise primarily during movement. This can be during strenuous physical activity or simple every-day tasks. A typical example is faulty scapular movement patterns, also known as scapular dyskinesis, which in addition to postural and strengthening protocols require very specific kinetic correctives in order to resolve its coherent glenohumeral impingement.

Thorough examination

In addition to postural and movement analyses, we employ orthopaedic testing, ultrasound and other tools during our investigations to ensure that we will identify the underlying cause of your problems.

Specific strengthening protocols

When the problem has been identified, very specific postural, movement and strengthening protocols are used to correct both the root cause as well as its subsequent problems, to achieve a lasting result. You will then be trained in how to perform these correctives in the comfort of your own home.

After 8 years with back pain and 3 disc herniations, it was Kjetil that turned out to be my lower back’s rescue, despite numerous visits to the doctor, chiropractor, physiotherapist as well as naprapaths!

– Espen Hamre

When I arrived at Kjetil’s clinic, his approach was completely different, and his level of knowledge was far superior to any health professional I had visited in the past.

– Espen Brukstuen

Nothing has me helped so far and no one have been able to find good answers for my pain. That was before I came to Trening og Rehab and Kjetil Larsen.

– Caroline Høst

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Location & arrival

The clinic is located in proximity of Oslo central railway station, just an eight minute subway ride in the eastward direction. Right outside OCRS, take the stairs down to the subway and follow the “eastward” sign. Wait for the tram that says “5 – Vestli”, and take it unto the “Hasle” station which is the 4th station ahead.

From Hasle station, you’ll see a large blue building on the right hand side of the rails, a few hundred feet ahead. My office is in that building, in the third floor. If you are very early, there is a waiting area in the second floor, in the cafeteria.